Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Jewel of Persia in this page. Please let us know if your question is not listed in this page by sending your comments and questions using our Contact Us page.
A: We have compared our culture to a "Jewel". Persia and Persian are referred to our culture, race, language, history (between 12,000 to 100,000 years old), and even to some extent, our religion. On the other hand, "Iran" and "Iran-Zamin", was a huge territory part of the ancient Persian Empire. Only recently (in 1925), the name of the country, Persia, was changed to Iran, by the King, Reza Shah Pahlavi.
A: To establish a center for all Persians to gather, share their memories, and promote the Persian culture (arts, music, handcrafts, literatures, history, and language).
A: : Currently, we have 7 Board Members and 15 advisory Board Members. Only the Board Members have voting rights (Please see our "Bylaws"). ("Bylaws").
A: Absolutely NOT. While we respect all religions and everyone's political views, we are not affiliated with any political, religious, or governmental organizations.
A: Absolutely NOT. All Board Members are volunteers and they are not allowed to have any financial benefits from the center ("Bylaws").
A: Yes, Jewel of Persia is registered as a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation with the State of California.
A: Yes, Jewel of Persia will issue receipts for all individual and corporate donations.
A: At Jewel of Persia, we have established a system, which is not depended on one or two Board Members. These individuals will be easily replaced and the Board will move forward to reach its ultimate goals.
A: The current Center’s design is only a concept to promote our idea and to start the organization. Once we purchase the land, we will have a contest between Persian Architects, from around the world, for the final design.
A: The Current estimated cost of this project is $28,000,000 to $32,000,000. Only small portion of the Center's costs will be raised through fundraising efforts (5% to 10% from individual and corporate donations). The remaining balance of the Center's costs will be raised through an "Innovative Financing", "Branding", and "Advanced Sale or Lease" of the Center's programs.
A: We have learned from the past experiences. Establishing a Cultural Center is a very hard task and maintaining the operation of the Center (high operating costs) for a long period of a time, is even harder. We have designed a unique Cultural Center that will be totally "Self-Sufficient" for years to come. Furthermore, any surplus revenues generated by the Center will pay to build similar Centers around the world. This is our ultimate goal, to have a Persian Cultural Center in every major city in United States, Europe, and even in Iran.
A: We need 10 to 12 acres to build the Center.
A: You may forward your tax-deductible contributions to:

14252 Culver Drive #916
Irvine, CA 92604

We will provide you with a receipt. Jewel of Persia will accept all contributions up to $5000.00, in aggregates from any individual or corporation without the Board approval. However, any onetime or multiple contributions which exceeds $5000.00 must be approved by the Board of Directors.
A: Jewel of Persia belongs to all Persians around the globe. The task of making this dream, a reality, is a tremendous one, which requires support from Corporations and individuals. As a first step, if you live in Southern California, we suggest that you attend one of our public meetings which is held on last Tuesday of each month unless posted otherwise on our website. You can contribute:
  • Time "Join us as a volunteer, be part of our organization, and donate 4 to 8 hours of your time, every week.
  • Expertise " We could use everyone's talents in every field, from engineering, architectural, financing, accounting, marketing, real estates, and so on.
  • Financial " Financial contributions are always welcome, form small to large donations, from one-time to multiple-time and from individuals and corporations.
  • All of the Above " You may contribute your time, talent, and your money, if so desired.